Double Bay Out of School Hours

Holiday Care

Bookings are now open for summer holiday care.

Mon 18th – Fri 22nd December, 8.30am – 5.30pm
Mon 15th – Wed 31st January, 8.30am – 5.30pm

Please book via the Xplor Home app. See below for booking terms.

Our fabulous summer holiday will include exciting incursions and visits to the park.

How to Book

Holiday Care bookings are to be made using the Xplor Home app (please see here for details of how to book Holiday Care). Bookings for summer are now open. Please note, bookings will be open to families of Double Bay PS exclusively for the week of Mon 20 – Fri 24 November, after which time they will be open to the community.

A reminder that children who arrive at Holiday Care without a booking for that day will incur a $15 unconfirmed booking fee, or may be sent home if we do not have space available. We are committed to staffing ratios that allow us to appropriately care for all children attending DBOOSH, and are not always able to accommodate additional children at late notice

Important Information


Holiday Care is $75/day

What to bring?

Please ensure your child brings a hat, water bottle and they dress in appropriate clothing for the days they attend, this includes the wearing of enclosed shoes. Sunscreen will be available upon arrival for all children as well as a midday and mid-afternoon reminder for all students to reapply. If your child has sensitive skin or is allergic to certain types of sunscreen please let us know and send them in with sunscreen that is suitable for them.

The children will be provided with Breakfast and Afternoon Tea.

Morning tea and lunch must be provided by families.
We are a nut aware service and therefore nuts are not allowed to be brought into the service and will be immediately disposed of as we have several children who are allergic and may have a serious reaction to nuts.

Cancellation Information

If you wish to cancel a booking without being charged you must do this by Monday 4th December. After this date, bookings are non-refundable, but can be swapped for another day in the same holidays if there is space available.