How To Book:

Booking Steps: Looking to book your child or children into DBOOSH for Vacation Care, please follow the steps below to secure the booking.

Step One: Head to our website and locate the heading ‘Vacation Care’ click this heading and it will take you to our Vacation Care page which also link to access our online booking form via jotform.

Step Two: Prior to completing the form on Jotform, please check your booking is correct before submitting the form. (By completing this form, this does not automatically guarantee you a booking for your child.)

Step Three: After completing the booking form, you will receive booking confirmation email, by receiving this email you have secured a booking for your child or children. (Please provide 3 business days for us to get back to you with a booking confirmation email)

Operating Hours:
8.30am – 5.30pm

Booking Information
Bookings can be made online on Monday 22nd November

Early Bird Booking Dates: Monday 14th – Sunday 20th March

Standard Booking Dates: Monday 21st March – Sunday 3rd April

Late Booking Dates: Any bookings received on or after Monday 4th April


General Information
What a busy term it has been already, I cannot believe we are less than a month away from the April School Holidays from commencing. With this in mind, I am pleased to present our upcoming April Vacation Care program filled with a variety of activities run both by our very own DBOOSH Educators, as well as a handful of externally run companies coming into DBOSSH to share their shows and workshops with us.

What to bring?
Please ensure your child brings a wide brimmed hat, water bottle and they dress in appropriate clothing for the days they attend, this includes the wearing of enclosed shoes. Sunscreen will be available upon arrival for all children as well as a midday and mid-afternoon reminder for all students to reapply.

The children will be provided with Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and a Late snack.

However, other meals such as morning tea and lunch must be provided by families. We are a nut aware service and therefore encourage families to avoid packing foods containing this.

Covid Safe Practices
With the exciting arrival of external providers rejoining us onsite for incursions, comes the reassurance we want to provide all families. Please know that along with our DBOOSH Covid-Safe Plan in place, we will also be requiring all external providers to submit their Covid-Safe Plans to our service prior to the commencement of the activity. In addition to also requiring all onsite attendees to be fully vaccinated and abiding by the NSW Government Guidelines at all times, this includes signing in and where possible carrying out all activities in a well ventilated area.

If you would like a copy of the Covid-Safe Plans submitted please feel free to email us to request a copy.

TYE DYE DAYTuesday April 12th
Please know that upon booking your child into our Tye-Dye day, you will also be required to supply your child or children with a white cotton item of clothing. Eg. T-shirt, Socks, Shorts etc. For this day we also encourage that the children dress in clothing you don’t mind getting dye on. Whilst the children will be provided with smocks to wear during the activity, we can’t guarantee that their won’t be any spills!

TENNIS DAYThursday April 14th
We are thoroughly excited our DBOOSH tennis day, we kindly ask that if your child would like to bring in their own tennis racquet they are more than welcome, however DBOOSH will not take responsibility for any damage to this personal item if your child does decide to bring it in.

Autumn Program