It is with delight that I announce that DBOOSH will now be accepting and receiving the $500 NSW BASC vouchers from families which will be directly sent to our bookkeeper Jo and her team at Champ. Please be aware that only one voucher can be used per child, if you are family that is separated we kindly ask that you take this into consideration before redeeming your voucher.

How Can I Redeem My Voucher with DBOOSH?

  1. Read and sign the Terms and Conditions Form attached to this email.
  2. The Terms and Conditions Form will then need to be attached along with your Service NSW voucher QR code and emailed back to so we can allocate to your family account. 
  3. Please allow for 32 – 78 hours for the form and voucher to be processed by Service NSW, once the amount has reached the DBOOSH account, the voucher can then be applied.

How Can I apply for for the Voucher via Service NSW?
Please follow this link here to learn more about how you can apply to receive your voucher.

What is the Service NSW BASC Voucher?
Families with children aged 4 to 13 years that attend a primary school in NSW can receive a $500 voucher per child to reduce the out-of-pocket costs of before and after school care. 

This includes children who are starting kindergarten in 2022.

The before and after school care voucher program is one of more than 70 NSW Government rebates and savings that help with your cost of living.

For more information regarding the voucher please follow this link here.

As this is the first time that Service NSW and all NSW OSHC’s have come across this initiative, we kindly ask all families that you allow for teething and remind families to continue to be patient as we work through an errors and or queries you may have and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the voucher, please do reach directly out to the champ team via the email so they can assist you.