Double Bay Out of School Hours

Meet the DBOOSH Team

Meet Chris

DBOOSH Interim Coordinator, Educational Leader & Responsible Person

I am studying a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University, and will be a History and Geography teacher at the end of my degree. 

At the start of this year I moved to Sydney from Adelaide and had worked at an OSHC over in Adelaide, I was looking for a similar opportunity here as I love working with children and it is a great step for my career. 

I love building relationships with the kids and watching them grow and learn how to do a bunch of new things. When I’m not busy planning exciting and fun activities for the kids at DBOOSH. I enjoy playing a lot of sport, I am still getting into my groove here in Sydney, but I have already found a basketball and volleyball team, as well as a few golf clubs. 

Meet Alice

DBOOSH Responsible Person & Educator

Hi, I’m Alice!
I have been working at DBOOSH now for almost five years. I was fresh out of school when I started working at DBOOSH as my very first job and haven’t wanted to leave these kids since! The current year 4’s (2022) were those who I met just coming into kindy and it’s crazy to see how much they’ve grown.

Watching the children learn, tell me about their days and having fun with them means a lot to me, there is a very special place for them in my heart. My favourite thing to do with the kids is probably sitting down and making something creative- I also love just chatting with them, hearing funny stories. I am currently studying at Uni to become a paediatric nurse.

Meet Kyle

DBOOSH Senior Educator

Hi Everyone,
My name is Kyle!

Meet Billy

DBOOSH Educator

I started DBOOSH in Term 1, 2022 and have loved it so far. I was drawn to DBOOSH because I have always enjoyed being a role to those around me. I think I have had great role models in my life and so I hope through this job I can be that for some of the kids. I love my sport and still play AFL, so most of the time you can find me spending time with the kids outdoors playing a variety of sport. I am excited for my time ahead at DBOOSH and keen to continue meeting everyone!

Meet Ava

DBOOSH Educator

Hi my name is Ava and I started at DBOOSH because i recently moved to the Double Bay area and wanted a fun and exciting job.

Working at DBOOSH makes me smile everyday as I get to learn new things about every child I interact with. My favourite activity to do with the children is cooking as it gives me a chance to bond with the kids, as well as teach them new skills. 

Meet Zoe

DBOOSH Educator

Hi there, I’m Zoe!

Meet Gemma

DBOOSH Educator

Hi, I’m Gemma!