Meet Mary

DBOOSH Coordinator

Hi and Welcome, my name is Mary and I am the service coordinator at DBOOSH. I have been in the OSHC industry for 9 years as a range of various roles.

Coming to DBOOSH has been very exciting as I was able to meet a wonderful array of new families and children. In addition to the fantastic team of educators in place. One of my favourite parts of being a team member here at DBOOSH is being surrounded by such a kind and supportive community that is Double Bay Public School.

Please feel fee to introduce yourself to me as I enjoy meeting new friendly faces.

Meet Vanessa

DBOOSH Assistant Coordinator

Hi Everyone, I’m Vanessa!

Meet Chris

DBOOSH Educational Leader & Responsible Person

Hey, I’m Chris!

I am studying a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University, and will be a History and Geography teacher at the end of my degree. 

At the start of this year I moved to Sydney from Adelaide and had worked at an OSHC over in Adelaide, I was looking for a similar opportunity here as I love working with children and it is a great step for my career. 

I love building relationships with the kids and watching them grow and learn how to do a bunch of new things. When I’m not busy planning exciting and fun activities for the kids at DBOOSH. I enjoy playing a lot of sport, I am still getting into my groove here in Sydney, but I have already found a basketball and volleyball team, as well as a few golf clubs. 


Meet Alice

DBOOSH Responsible Person & Educator

Hi, I’m Alice!
I have been working at DBOOSH now for almost five years. I was fresh out of school when I started working at DBOOSH as my very first job and haven’t wanted to leave these kids since! The current year 4’s (2022) were those who I met just coming into kindy and it’s crazy to see how much they’ve grown.

Watching the children learn, tell me about their days and having fun with them means a lot to me, there is a very special place for them in my heart. My favourite thing to do with the kids is probably sitting down and making something creative- I also love just chatting with them, hearing funny stories. I am currently studying at Uni to become a paediatric nurse.

Meet Camille

DBOOSH Responsible Person & Senior Educator

Hi there, I’m Camille!

Meet Kyle

DBOOSH Senior Educator

Hi Everyone,
My name is Kyle!

Meet BB

DBOOSH Senior Educator

Hi I’m BB!
Over the years I’ve taught children, given treatment (therapy) to children and cared for children in different capacities. I always gravitate back to being around kids when I can and Dboosh caught my eye with the flexibility and good feeling when walking in.

The children spread excitement and joy and support to each other as well as the staff. I’ve really enjoyed the creative games that they come up with and seeing all their personalities develop as they become more comfortable around me and other children.

Meet Billy

DBOOSH Educator

Hey my names Billy!

I started DBOOSH in Term 1, 2022 and have loved it so far. I was drawn to DBOOSH because I have always enjoyed being a role to those around me. I think I have had great role models in my life and so I hope through this job I can be that for some of the kids. I love my sport and still play AFL, so most of the time you can find me spending time with the kids outdoors playing a variety of sport. I am excited for my time ahead at DBOOSH and keen to continue meeting everyone!

Meet Ava

DBOOSH Educator

Hi my name is Ava and I started at DBOOSH because i recently moved to the Double Bay area and wanted a fun and exciting job.

Working at DBOOSH makes me smile everyday as I get to learn new things about every child I interact with. My favourite activity to do with the children is cooking as it gives me a chance to bond with the kids, as well as teach them new skills. 

Meet Zoe

DBOOSH Educator

Hi there, I’m Zoe!

Meet Hannah

DBOOSH Educator

Hi, I’m Hannah!

Meet Gemma

DBOOSH Educator

Hi, I’m Gemma!