Before and After School Activity Permission Form

Double Bay Out of School Hours Inc

We are thrilled to welcome back Double Bay Public BASA program for Term 2, 2022. If your child or children will be attending an activity apart of the BASA program whilst also booked in at DBOOSH, a BASA form must be completed before your child can leave our care.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Parents & Guardians MUST acknowledge the following:

  • I accept that DBOOSH educators are happy to remind my child(ren) to attend the before or after school activity but will not be held responsible if my child does not go when reminded. 
  • I accept that my child(ren) attending and travelling to and from activities during a DBOOSH session will not be under the supervision of DBOOSH Inc staff. 
  • I understand that DBOOSH staff are not responsible for my child whilst they are absent from the Dboosh centre. 
  • I accept that if I collect my child directly from an after school activity when they would usually return to the DBOOSH, I need to to notify the centre that they will not be returning. 
  • I accept that it is the responsibility of the person supervising the before or after school activity to bring the child/ren to DBOOSH.