1. Why do existing families have to re-enrol this way for next year?
    Although we are expanding, we are expecting more new applicants than we have places. We are using a government system of filtering to ensure that people who need the service the most get priority and then the rest of the spots will fill as followed. A spot for your child is much more likely if you bring in your form during the specified dates, and bring in any extra documents we require.

  2. What happens if I forget my HubWorks login?
    Don’t worry, we can look up your username and send you a password reset email.

  3. My child already attends Dboosh. Do I need to create a new enrolment for next year?
    If your child has ever been enrolled into Dboosh before, just update your current enrolment form online through Hubworks, then bring in this form (click here) between 6:30am 6th November 2017 — 10th November 2017 so we can check if we require any extra documents from you.

  4. When can I enrol my child if they have a sibling already enrolled into Dboosh?
    6:30am 6th November 2017 — 10th November 2017

  5. What if I’m enrolling for the first time?
    You can bring in this form (click here)  between 6:30am 13th November 2017 — 17th November 2017.

  6. What extra documents do I need to provide?
    For existing families, emails have been sent out regarding which documents we require according to your current HubWorks enrolment form. We are checking to see if your HubWorks enrolment form is complete, you have submitted a birth certificate or passport, and immunisation record. If your child has an allergy, asthma, and/or anaphylaxis, we also require documentation from your doctor. You can access these forms here (click here).
    Note: if your child has a food intolerance or dietary requirement rather than an allergy, an email to dboosh.org is sufficient.

  7. What if I don’t need any permanent bookings next year, only casual bookings?
    We still require a booking form and any additional documents.Comment or email below if you have any other questions!
If you have any other queries, please leave a comment below or send us an email!

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