Website Image 1Welcome back from holidays and to our last term for 2013! Wow this year has flown by and we have made a lot of progress! We are excited that Spring is upon us, the weather is getting warmer and our days longer. We’ve decided to celebrate Spring as our theme this week and have begun working on a new DBOOSH garden which we plan to grow and expand and incorporate into our regular program and menu.

Active After School Communities – Term 4 Program
We are excited to announce our all new AASC activities for term 4 will be as follows:

Golf  – Tuesdays 3.30-4.30pm (Steyne Park)
Ultimate Frisbee  –  Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm (Steyne Park)

These new activities have been extremely successful and have been highly recommended by other local services who participate in the AASC program. Should be a fun way to finish the year! AASC BEGINS IN WEEK 2!

Congratulations to…
Milla Moquillon and Charlotte Richards
Our lucky winners for Term 3! This award is a
big thank you to them for their help, positive attitude
and consideration for others at our centre last term.

Our Term 4 Smiley draw is now under way!

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